Our first YAC conference was on 24-25 March 2018 in Limassol, Cyprus. We had great young participants and amazing team.

Wow! This is the simple  expression after spending nearly 30hours involved with the Young Adults first conference in St Raphael Hotel Ali assol
The participants were totally immersed in the programme that had eventually evolved from their brainstorming sessions. The themes and topics having been decided unaminously by them

Each presentation given by a young adult was thought provoking, which encouraged debate and discussion. This section alone could have lasted hours longer as questions were aimed at the “experts” panel.
Moving into the workshops was also a stimulating experience for participant, mentors and the workshop professionals themselves as everyone became involved. Encouraged by new friends their peers whist having the opportunity unencumbered to speak out.
Saturday evening was a wash out due to heavy rains. But not deterred the hotel offered us an alternative venue and so the party went on.

Our finale was enormous fun! Each person present had the chance to try drumming for perhaps the first time. The result was a feeling of complete harmony and unity.
Certificates were given out, Fond farewells exchanged until next year.

Thank you the YAC Team great job done.