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Is the protection of the Environment just an ordinary daily job of some activists and technocrats?

Why should people actually care about the protection of the Environment since we often come across statements claiming that environmental degradation and dangers, such as climate change, killing of migratory species, are over-exaggerations of extreme activist groups?

Before leaping to conclusions we first need to see what scientists actually say. According to scientists, climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. An analysis of this statement can be read within an article published by NASA. According to the article multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree that climate warning trends are due to human activities.

Community values Youth

But what can be actively done to a protect the Environment? And even more, what can a young person do as an individual, to protect the Environment? The first step is for each young person to change some habits in his or her daily life and adopt a more environment friendly lifestyle.

Wherever possible use bicycles, buses or even start walking for your transportation. Start recycling and try decreasing the volume of the waste you produce. If your parents do not realise the importance of the three R philosophy (Reduce Reuse Recycle) then YOU can start educating them. Encourage your parents so that all electronic devices they buy in the future, will be as energy efficient as possible. They can be encouraged to install photovoltaics on the roofs of their house, which will actually reduce the electricity costs of the family. Encourage your parents and friends to protect the biodiversity of our island. Say no to the illegal trapping of migratory species that takes place in Cyprus and kills hundreds of thousands of birds every year. The more complex the biodiversity of an ecosystem is, the more adjustable it is to some inevitable changes due to Climate Change, such as desertification.

These are only few examples of what a young person can do to work towards the protection of the Environment. A simple web search can reveal numerous other actions an individual can undertake towards this direction.

Community values youth - YAC

Most important is for all of us to be convinced that our Environment is directly threatened and that each person has the power to make a change and influence other people towards the same direction.


It may seem utopic to believe that small changes by individuals can actually help protect the Environment. However, we must not forget that the sea is comprised of small drops of waters. A sea without billions of water drops cannot exist. In the same way, small changes by each one of us, can and will have an effect towards a better Environment for the following years and generations.


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