The Importance of Spirituality in Todays World

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The Importance of Spirituality in Todays World

 We want to believe that there is something more than we are dealing with in our world on a daily basis.

Spirituality always acknowledges that there is something bigger and better than us, that is out in the wider world. No matter what you think or believe even if it is just the universe itself, it is still bigger and we have this innate feeling that it is better as well. That in and of itself can bring us comfort and help us to be better people.

  • We are looking for a way to find peace in the world.
  • We are looking for a way to find peace in ourself.


Effort + Universal Grace are the magic combination of spirituality.


These  2 elements, grace and self effort are described as the 2 wings of a bird. If only ‘grace’ is flapping or if only ‘effort’ is flapping, your spiritual flight would be wobbly and inefficient. When the 2 are working together your efforts will bring more grace and grace will support your efforts.

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Virtues are the outer reflections of our spirituality. The more spiritual we are, the stronger the virtues.

Seven fundamental spiritual virtues:

  • Wisdom, includes knowing, understanding, caunsiousness,common sense and right judgement.
  • Courage, to be firm in difficulties, guides you through the troubles.
  • Justice, includes law, truthfulness, integrity and righteousness.
  • Moderation, self control and balance
  • Faith, expressing our deeply felt beliefs and teachings and to recognize the sense of knowing without doubt.
  • Hope, when you look for positive things, you will find them.
  • Love,  the greatest power. Love is pure, unconditional and everlasting.

Modern Spirituality, is centered on the deepest values and meanings by which people live. It embraces the idea of an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality.

It envisions an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of her/his being.


Credits to our panelist: Wout Bos

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