Media: How it affects our masses!

Raise your voice!


One of our topics that will be discussed during YAC will be – Media and how it affects our masses.

The media is the most powerful tool at our disposal in today’s age. It has such a far – reaching effect especially when paired with the internet. Such amazing movements have begun and spread just through the use of social media alone and that’s exactly what it should be used for.

People are no longer afraid to express their views because you never know who around the world will share it or have something to add to your post on Facebook which will make you think. However, as a tool, the media can be used to find commonalities with people half-way around the globe thus bringing us all that much closer to unity of the human race or it can be used to start an arbitrary fight in the comments section of YouTube. This is just one of the topics up for discussion during the conference in March and after a consultation session on said topic, we will come up with lines of action which will help contribute to the constructive use of the media.

Can’t wait for March to finally come!

Voice from our Young Agent for Change – Maria Pavlou


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