May I Be Happy?


What does it mean to be happy?

How we can teach children? How I can learn to be happy when I am still a child/teenager?

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At its most basic, meditation gives young children the feeling of being quiet and still. It gives them time to breathe and imagine, and lets them know that it is okay to have feelings. In fact, through meditation children learn that it is okay to be whoever they are and feel whatever they feel.

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The nature of the mind, when stressed, is to jump from thought to thought like a monkey. If there is tension, then the mind cannot be calm.

Have you noticed that your children are drawn to gadgets and technology like we never had in our youth? They are challenged to think and respond more quickly than ever before. They have the ability to take information in megabytes, play games of speed and imagination, surf and tweet, and respond to constant online communication!

In addition to these abilities, you would probably also want your child to have the capacity to turn their attention completely to one thing and be able to stick with their studies. You would want them to be capable of solving complex problems and to see projects through to the completion.

What can we do to teach them this focus?

The answer is meditation. Your child’s creativity will flow best when their mind is freed from the demands of tension and stress.  Meditation gives them a healthy rest from the ‘monkey mind’ so they can function more effectively and with clarity.



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