Assertiveness: is it a strength or aggression? Part I

Assertiveness: is it a strength or aggression? Part I

Video series…

Karolina Gladych, who is a psychologist, transformation coach and group facilitator, will be exploring various aspects of the topic “Assertiveness, is it aggression or a strength?”  You are welcome to post your reflections, insights and questions. Let’s make this exploration interactive!

First video “Can you see the boat?”


In this video Karolina is proposing a definition of assertiveness based on the assumption “I am OK and You are OK”. When we are truly assertive we are able to communicate in a way that is honest and direct and at the same time considerate of the other person’s feelings, needs and perspective.  It creates foundation for effective collaboration and satisfying relationships.

Sometimes however, we think of assertiveness as more aggressive and self-centered way of being. In our modern western culture, there is pressure to always be visible, be important and to make sure that we get what we want. This often leads to focusing all our attention on our own agenda and losing the awareness that we are all on the same boat and we need to listen to each other and collaborate if we want the boat to cruise peacefully and reach the desired destination.

In the future episodes I’m planning to explore topics such as saying no; knowing what you want; ability to differentiate between strength and aggression; expressing yourself freely and I’m sure that others will come to my mind. If you’d like to suggest a topic, feel free!


Karolina Gladych

ILC Inspired Learning Centre

Panelist on Young Adult Conference

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