Assertiveness: is it a strength or aggression? Part II

Assertiveness: is it a strength or aggression? Part II

Video 2 “Inner security”

In this video I am exploring how our feelings can let us know if we are communicating from a place of inner security or insecurity. It is very helpful to know ourselves well and recognise the deeper feeling of security, calmness and strength. Whenever we are in this ‘energy’, the ideas that come to our mind are most likely helpful to us. Whereas acting from a place of insecurity very often leads to either aggressive or passive behaviour.

When we respond from a calm and secure state of mind, we have the best chance to express strength and kindness. When you are not feeling secure, the best thing to do is to wait a moment for your mind to settle. The inner security is always there. Sometimes it’s just clouded by insecure thinking. In this video I’m also discussing different forms of aggression and sharing a story from a high school.


Karolina Gladych

ILC Inspired Learning Centre

Panelist on Young Adult Conference

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