Where will the conference take place?

We will be confirming the 2020 YAC venue shortly

Who can take part in this conference?

Young Adults Conference is dedicated to 14-18 years old young adults, who has reasonably well English.

We invite active, shy, motivated, confused youth to take part in their development. It does not depend where you live in Cyprus, what nationality, what race, what gender, what religion… you ALL are welcome!

How to apply?

We would like to sum up your possible participation in these steps:

#1 step: discuss with your parents if they agree to send you to this conference

#2 step: fill out application form until there are 60 places free HERE

#3 step: receive confirmation via email (IMPORTANT: first 60 will take place)

#4 step: transfer 45 Eur participation fee: https://gogetfunding.com/young-adults-conference/

#5 step: be active on social media and be updated on news about conference: Facebook, Instagram. Contact if you need any help: yac@cyprusyac.com

#6 step: come with inspiration to learn and meet new people

Do I need to have my parents permission?

Yes. In application form you should indicate one of your parent details and consent regarding your participation in the conference and if possible publication of your photos taken during the conference.

Until when should I apply?

Deadline to submit your application online until 60 places will be filled.

You will be notified about your application. Check your email. If you have not received respond emails, please contact us: yac@cyprusyac.com 

Can I participate if I live in other city than Limassol?

Yes. If you need accommodation and/or transportation from your city please indicate in application form and we will get in touch with you regarding all arrangements via email/phone.

Depending on each case we will try to provide support to each of participant.

Will the food be provided?

Yes. We will provide light lunch, small snacks during Saturday and Sunday (24-25 March) conference days. Also we will provide food with water during Beach party on Saturday evening (see programme).

Please indicate in application form any details if you have any allergies or special nutrition plan. We will take this into consideration.

We will not provide breakfast!

What is mentorship programme?

All participants will be included in continues mentorship programme “Young Agents for Change”. You will have access to be guided and supported by volunteer mentors – experts in their fields (business, psychology, engineering, marketing, education, volunteering, charity, community service, etc.).

In 2018 there will be at least 3 follow up workshops that all members of mentorship programme will have possibility to attend. There could be more events/gatherings/programmes prepared for programme members.

Mentorship programme will not cost anything for participants of Young Adult’s Conference: Assets Today – the Future You.

There will be possibility to attend summer school programme in Greece. For more details it will be confirmed later.

Can I support this event?

Yes. You can support in 3 ways:

  1. Your sponsorship would cover organizational expenses
  2. Support a young adult to take part in this conference (we target 15 young adults)
  3. Cover our expenses by providing us a service

For more information how to become a sponsor and what are the benefits follow HERE.

Through where should I transfer my sponsorship?

You could transfer through here: https://gogetfunding.com/young-adults-conference/

DO NOT FORGET to fill out sponsorship form and send it to us: yac@cyprusyac.com 

This is how we will track your transaction and we could proceed in communication regarding promotion, etc.

Thank you for making this event so great!

If you have any question, contact us: yac@cyprusyac.com / mobile: +357 99 389785