During the Conference you will definitely have possibility to take part in different workshops, panel discussions, ice breaking games and more.

Below you will find some of the workshops that are waiting for you already.

First day  you will take part in:

  • Workshop by Shoshi Danziger and Sam Neva – “EMPOWERMENT AND DECISION MAKING
    This is where you will learn about inspiration, motivation and goal setting.
  • Workshop by Lefkios  – “ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE
    You will have group work about importance of wetlands in the ecological system.

On the Second day you will take part in:

  • Workshop by Catherine Beger – “POWER AND PRIVILEGE
    Interactive role play when you will explore boundaries, rights of individuals, privilege.
  • Workshop by Chris Christos – “DIGITAL YOU; DIGITAL ME
    Let’s find out more about communication in the 21st Century.
  • Workshop by Catherine Timotheou – “UNIVERSAL SOCIAL SKILLS
    It includes work on friendship, trust, respect and responsibility.

And there will come more activities.

Please see below the programme for the coming Annual Conference for 5-6 October 2019.