Francesca Pinoni

Francesca Pinoni

Francesca Pinoni

Mentor | Author


Francesca comes from San Francisco, California and has lived in Cyprus since 1981. She started a successful business importing and selling speciality gifts and crafts.

Her interest in self-development and holistic health lead her and a friend to start the Cyprus Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibition in 2002. Although she is no longer actively involved in the biannual event, she offers support when needed and is happy that her “baby” is growing and developing to serve more people in the Cyprus community. In addition, she is the author of fiction books for young adults (under the pen-name “Chess Capino”) and co-author (with her MD/Holistic doctor husband) of a simple book about health.

Her hobbies include artwork, mosaics and dancing.

Young people face many challenges in the process of becoming happy, healthy and successful adults. They are often brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, want to offer their talents and create marvellous things. What they lack is experience and, often, positive support. A mentor can supply both.

I am happy to share what I’ve learned over the years and to encourage young people to follow their dreams, be happy and have a positive effect on our society and the world.

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